3 Aug

Android Phones helping to protect and save lives

A new utility launched by Google could save your life. Ever wondered that technology would take a turn this far? Thanks to a fresh new Android update, the impossible became possible.

We have heard of plenty mishaps in the past where people have been unable to receive emergency help on time due to their locations being unclear. For everyone who has ever called 999, emergency services, the first thing they always require in order to help you is your location. At this point you must be thinking that majority of the people know where they are. However, such statement is untrue.

Google’s research statistics show that over 70 per cent of emergency calls that are received from mobile phones, have had problems in their location being pinpointed.  These calls particularly pose serious difficulty if the caller is in a remote location.

How does it work?

Once you have activated the new feature called the Emergency Location Service, using any available Wi-Fi connections, GPS and 3G/4G connection this would pinpoint your location and share it with the operator. This includes your potentially unfamiliar surroundings being shared automatically.

Your location is only sent through once you make an emergency call, either directly to an operator or through your mobile network. This new handy service is already supported by major carriers such as EE, Three, Vodafone, O2 and BT. 

Whilst the idea of automatic data sending could leave some sceptical, Google have stated that the caller’s location remains confidential and is not collected or stored anywhere. The service that the new android feature provides is "solely for the use of emergency service providers".

Is this compatible on all android devices?

Due to the feature being available through a Google Play Services update, 99 percent of the existing Android devices are capable of supporting the new feature of ‘Emergency Location Service’. The service, "Emergency Location Service", works on all phones running Android 2.3 and up (essentially, any Android phone from 2011 onwards)

When will it be available?

The new feature is already live in the UK, and the tech giant are actively engaging to make this product available in many more countries worldwide. It was launched on Monday 25th July 2016 in the UK and Estonia, and will soon make its way to other nations.

Will it make a difference?

With this improved Emergency location service utility, Google estimates that it can lower response times by one minute. In other words, around 10,000 lives could be saved every year just because of this utility.



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