Google Ara: Is this the rival Apple and Samsung were waiting for?

As Google sets to launch its long-awaited Phone, Google Ara for commercial release in 2017, Apple & Samsung are busy planning their releases of the latest handsets.

You all maybe wondering as to what Project Ara is, and why is it taking to our blog with a storm. This is because google has introduced a new innovative idea in the technological market. An Idea that has taken over 3 years for Google to develop.

The concept of this project is to create a fully comprehensive handset whereby, users are able to choose the specification of their phone.

You all now maybe thinking… Do we select the specification on an online portal or a machine where the phone will be created and delivered? The Answer is NO, because Google Ara is a ‘Modular Phone’.

What is a ‘Modular Phone’?

A modular device is a phone, tablet or other device where individual components such as the screen, camera, CPU, battery, memory can be removed by the user and replaced by others with a different specification.

Each swappable component has to remain distinct from all the others. Integrating components together is a tried and tested method of cost and size reduction meaning that a modular device has always been more expensive to make.

Google Ara

In the Google Ara the phone’s frame will allow up to six different modules. Google has worked together with other companies such as Micron, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sony and iHealth to produce and put forward the phone's modules.

The idea of a ‘modular phone’ is to allow users to do customisation to their phone and have the choice of the features that they would like. Google has been working on this project for over three years and the phone went into beta in 2014. The reason why Google states it’s taken this long is because, modular devices are extremely difficult and that modularity adds a new series of requirements and constraints.

Reasons to buy Google Ara

  • Built to last - The Ara frame is built with durable latches and connectors to keep modules secured.
  • Mix it; Match It; Swap it - Slide any Ara module into any slot and it just works
  • Innovative and stylish
  • A size for all - Ara will come in three size variants, “mini, medium and jumbo”, 

We are super excited for the launch of this phone! We believe that this new innovative idea would definately join the 'hype' of samsung and iphone in the market next year.


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