Seven gift ideas for techies

Looking for the perfect gift for a special techie? You’ve come to the right place.

1.Sony XBR 55-inch 4K TV

-          This holiday season Samsung amongst others are dramatically dropping the prices on their 4K televisions (only on some models).

-          The design is stunning, with deep blacks and a rich colour thanks to a backlit LED display.

-           Made out of Gorilla glass, the screen contains W-65 front facing speakers on each side, which gives it awesome sound


2. Withings Pulse

-          There’s more to wellness than working out. This flash-drive sized Withings Pulse is small and easy to get in to your pocket, and keeps track of data that can contribute to overall improved fitness.

-           It has a simple 128 by 32 pixel OLED touch screen, it has an elegant design. As a running monitor it is able to keep track of time and distance.


3. Jawbone Mini Jambox


-          Redesigned and half an inch thinner as well as three ounces lighter than Jawbone’s original Jambox, the mini Jambox is a Bluetooth speaker for the “air” age.

-          The Jawbone Company has fixed everything wrong with the original Jambox in this mini one.  It gives you 10 hours of continuous playback and has a much lighter feel as opposed to the original model.


4. Leap Motion Controller

-          The Leap Motion controllers is something very different on the market – it signals the beginning of touchless computing.

-           A USB-connected sensor built in this device allows it to detect the area above it, letting Mac and PC users interact with equipped apps and even their operating systems with just a ‘wag of a finger’.


5. FiftyThree Pencil

-          Tablet users are familiar with the frustration by inconsistent stylus performance. One tool can be consistent but too big or awkward to handle, whereas another one might have a more natural feel but doesn’t perform as well.

-          FiftyThree has resolved this with its Pencil. It’s a digital writing pencil that is high tech on the inside but looks very natural on the outside, and it isn’t too pricy at £32.


6. Logitech FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for iPad Air

-          The one enviable feature the Windows tablet has that the iPad doesn’t have is the keyboard. Logitech introduces a full-sized keyboard that is touch-sensitive typing to the iPad.

-          It weighs under a pound and is 7 inches thick. It costs an impressive £99. Finally, its boasts three months of power at two hours use per day.


7. HTC One Mini

-          The Mini is slim, has impressive specs and is quite handy.

-           Similar to its predecessor HTC one, it’s got dual speakers at the front powered by Beats Audio.

-           Its touchscreen is impressive and it’s got a long lasting battery life. This would be the perfect Christmas gift for someone with small hands.


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